How to submit any URL to the Google index

The average user will probably not require this but if you do manage your own online presence then this will maybe help.

Often for SEO we build links to our websites and properties as part of increasing your traffic, some of these links will be on new domains or pages and these can often take time to get indexed sometimes due to the shear scale of the domain or simply that it is not a particularly active website/page.

For this purpose Google have Search Console Crawl URL Feature that enables a user that is logged into Google to be able to submit any link to the index of your own or other. This is no guarantee that the URL will get indexed so you cannot force the index of a malicious URL for example but most URLs will get indexed in just a few minutes.

You can test to see if a page is indexed using the following text example in the Google browser


The url will show as a search result on its own as in this example picture


If however it is not shown then this is when you would submit the url to be indexed if you wanted it to be indexed faster than default.

Remember some links never get indexed which is why it is a good idea to force the index as much as possible because a page that is not indexed has no value to pass to your properties.

It is really simple to use:





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Source Here: How to submit any URL to the Google index