5 Reasons any web designer needs online invoicing software

The industry for web designers is growing stronger each year. With that, more and more designers are self-employed, and they find while the independence is great, it also means one thing: they need to take care of their own finances.

Although accounting and finance are subjects that most regular business people try to avoid and do only grudgingly, it is very important. Especially important is invoicing, which allows web designers to have greater cash flow.

If the invoices are sent out wrongly, or late, they will be delayed in receiving payment. In fact, that delay can last anywhere from a few days to a few months.

In order to help web designers with their invoicing needs, we’ll show why every web designer needs online invoicing software.

Reason #1: It helps get you organized

One of the most important things for taking care of your finances (and your business) in general is to be organized.

Many accounting offices have closets full of thick folders. These have all the past invoices and other documents, as well as files on their customers. You could, possibly, do the same. However, for the busy freelancer, that’s just not practical. However, not having good accounting can lead to lots of serious problems.

That’s why web designers need online invoicing software. Instead of looking for customer information and old reports all throughout your email and checking your bank accounts to see past payments, you can have all that information saved on the software.

Reason #2: It’s faster

If you are creating your own invoices from scratch, it can take very long. If you are using an invoice template, it’s faster, but still time-consuming.

Each time you have to find your client’s information, figure out the invoice number and date, and do all these manual actions. Then you’ll need to get the client email address, attach the invoice and write a professional email.

However, you can do the same thing, in an automated way, in just 60 seconds. From start to finish, in less than 1 minute, you can create and send your invoice to your client.

That’s because all the information is stored online, so you won’t need to remember anything else except the invoice amounts.

Reason #3: You’ll have more options

When you send out your invoices currently, you are probably using the same invoice. Blue or black, square, simple. Although it’s great to be simple and professional, it is often not professional for something to look too outdated.

With online invoicing software, you have a wide variety of invoicing templates to choose from.  You don’t have to be stuck with just one, but you can change them as you wish, at any time.

Even better, online invoicing software like InvoiceBerry allows you to upload your own logo. This is a fantastic, although overlooked, option that will boost your professionalism.

Reason #4: You can do it anywhere

When you are manually creating your invoices, the invoice templates and customer information are probably stored on your computer.

This means that the only time and place you can create and send out your invoices is when you are near your computer. If everything is going well, then this is fine.

However, if you realize you’ve made a mistake, or you are on vacation but forgot to send out your invoices, you won’t be able to do anything until you get back to your computer.

With online invoicing software, that doesn’t have to be the case. Because everything is stored online, you can do your invoices from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and you can still create your invoices. On your friend’s or family’s computer, on your devices, while your on vacation or on the train.

Reason #5: It’s actually free

One of the reasons that many are hesitant to try online invoicing software is that they don’t want to pay for another subscription, especially one they don’t know they’ll like or need.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. For example, InvoiceBerry has a Forever Free account which, as the name suggest, is free forever.

There’s no credit card requirement or any other commitment at all. If you have 3 or fewer clients, then you can use the free, full version of the software forever.

These functions include creating and customizing your invoice, adding payment terms, sending payment reminders, setting up recurring invoices, tracking expenses, and much more. All for free.

With all these reasons, it’s quite simple to see why you need online invoicing software. It’s fast, easy, simple, feature-filled and even free. However, most importantly, you’ll be saving your time.

As with all self-employed people, web designers need to save their time so they can focus more on growing their business. Online invoicing software lets you do that. When you use it, you’ll see just how easy it can be to create and send invoices.

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4 Benefits Of SEO For Local Business


According to respected marketer and VUDU Marketing CEO Sam Roberts, search engine optimisation has evolved into more of a branding play, which means businesses should not see it as a marketing play only. Additionally, both small and large businesses should invest in SEO to ensure they rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). With that in mind, here are four benefits of SEO for local business.


  1. Ramp up Sales

According to a study carried out by Google in collaboration with Ipsos MediaCT and Purchased, 56% of smartphone users search for local information while on the go. In addition, 18% of local searches originating from smartphones lead to a purchase within 24 hours. In comparison, only 7% of smartphone-based non-local searches translate to sales within the same period. In general, 50% and 34% of people who perform local searches on smartphones and tablets respectively tend to visit local stores within a day. The eCommerce industry in North America is set to experience double-digit growth through 2020, according to data from eMarketer. For these reasons, developing and implementing a solid search engine optimisation strategy would be vital for the success for your business.


  1. Reach a Captive Audience

Contrary to popular belief, 72% of tablet/PC owners and 67% of smartphone owners want brands to show them ads customised to their location (city/zip code). This is in addition to 70% of PC/tablet owners and 61% of smartphone owners who want to see marketing content customised to suit their surroundings. Nevertheless, identifying the right local audience is tricky because a consumer demographic such as millennials could be sub-segmented based on factors such as income, education qualifications and gender. By investing in search engine optimisation, you would be able to deliver your marketing message to the right audience.


  1. Boost Brand Reach

A market forecast published by eMarketer shows that global eCommerce sales are on pace to hit $4 trillion or 14.6% of all retail sales by 2020. Most of this growth will be experienced in China, which eMarketer reckons accounted for 47% of global eCommerce sales in 2016 alone. Fortunately, you, too, can get a piece of this action by developing a SEO strategy that is hinged on enhancing brand visibility online via social media marketing, site UI optimisation, as well as content creation and publishing. Overall, if your brand shuns search engine optimisation, it will likely lose to more tech savvy competitors.



  1. Cost Effective

Compared to other forms of marketing such as search engine marketing, SEO is generally more cost effective because it tends to focus on organic growth. This is according to an article published by Forbes. What’s more, SEO is much cheaper than traditional marketing solutions such as television ads.



What are the benefits of SEO? Search engine marketing is beneficial to local businesses because it is cost effective, boosts brand reach, improves sales and enables brands to identify and reach the right consumer demographic.

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Best SEO practices for E-commerce websites

E-Commerce SEO

Internet has revolutionized almost everything we have, now we’re connected to everyone around the world in a manner of speaking. One of the biggest things influenced by the internet is marketing, now since everything is online a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners prefer to market their brands online. This has given rise to e-commerce and something known as SEO (search engine optimization). So let`s say you have an e-commerce website design and want to make sure that your website shows up higher in the search results, what can you do? The answer is very easy and I just gave it to you earlier, known as SEO by UK Web GeekZ

Here are some of the ways you can optimize your website:

Keywords and Content:
This is the first thing you can do, it`s very easy and should be a no-brainer regardless of what kind of content you put on your website. Until recently, the norm was to put short form content consisting of a title, a brief description, handful of photos and a few customer reviews. But due to new user search patterns, long form content is on the rise. So, for your e-commerce website put more detail content and use keywords (which is the standard SEO practice).


Sharing of Categories:
E-Commerce websites have many categories and each category has many products and all of these are usually on different pages. The typical way sites are boosted are by sending multiple links to a page and that page then gets more powerful. So with e-commerce websites it can be a more intensive link-building strategy with so many pages/products to boost but this can be simplified a little bit by building links primarily to top level categories.


Because of smartphones, almost everyone is connected to the internet 24/7, and the sites they visit the most are social networking sites. By making your site easy to share socially, you are generating more visibility and ranking signals. Plus when the shared links are engaged, you will have more traffic on your site. Social media sharing is quickly becoming a standard SEO practice for e-commerce websites, and it would be even better if you made social media pages for your website and included them on your website.


Mobile Optimization:
Ever since Google updated its algorithm, mobile optimization for website isn’t just preferred, it`s almost required if you want your website to show high up in the search results. As mentioned before, most people have smartphones and that’s what they use to surf the web, if your website is mobile optimized it will be easier for them to access it. In addition to that, you also ensure that your website will show high up in the search results after this. This is one of the most crucial SEO practices to date, if you want to survive out there, you need to make sure your e-commerce website is mobile optimized.


Voice searching and digital assistants:
For a lot of years, voice searching and digital assistants seemed like science fictions and merely works of the imagination. Now, as technology has progressed, more people are relying on them and every major tech company has a digital assistance such as Siri, Cortana, Google Now, etc. By offering more colloquial phrasing and more optimized long-tail phrases along with keyword rich answers, digital assistants can find your website more easily. By making it easier for them, your website will show up in the first few results that the user searches for.


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UK Web GeekZ Secures Deal With Amazon Affilliate

Walkie Talkie Central Logo

We were approached by Walkie Talkie Central who wanted an in depth proposal to tackle the Amazon affiliate marketplace for Walkie Talkies. After a short time going up against some big names in the industry battling for the number one spots for that product they decided that a more aggressive approach was needed but did not want to get penalised for their efforts.

We took an in depth look at the competition both above and below Walkie Talkie Central to see what was missing from their presence so far, what we could quickly replicate and what we would need to focus on.

We also dug deep into the root of the primary domain to check out the long term and short term history of the back-link profile and the current state of the back-link anchor text ratios. This is a very important step when starting a large campaign to ensure that no part is over optimised by the new campaign and that no hidden activity is still going on from previous campaigns.

After a lengthy discussion we decided that a multi vertical approach was needed to boost both the websites presence and the social media presence, email marketing, social media marketing both paid and organic, Youtube/video marketing, multiple location local maps ranking, Google organic ranking and Google paid search.

  • Email Marketing: We will search for lists from country specific electronics interested contacts and produce weekly email campaigns

  • Social Media Marketing: We will utilise Facebook and other paid social media platforms with area/language/country specific audiences as our target

  • Youtube Video Marketing: We will produce useful product awareness videos to showcase the Walkie Talkie and related products that they list in an array of languages or universally understandable visuals to target each country.

  • Multi Location Local Maps Ranking: We will use the location`s they are renting as an address to advertise in Google My Business Local pages so that they rank in Google local.

  • Google Organic Search: Our primary focus will be to alter their onsite SEO with translation software to make the website accessible to other languages as well as build advertisements for them linking back to the site from various countries most popular websites much similar to the previous strategy in the UK.

  • Google Adwords: We will adjust the Google adwords budget, keywords and visibility to cater for the new countries search engines and judge the conversion and click through rate accordingly to get the best value for money in the various countries.

Based on the monthly reports we will mix up the strategy each month to include areas lacking in progress. We will build external assets for the company to utilise some extra seo tactics without putting the main brand at risk, within Google guidelines but hidden from the general brand to ensure the competitors do not come and copy the same strategy. 
If you would like to get your own bespoke package to tackle a certain market then get in touch with our team via email at info@ukwebgeekz.com and if you want to check out some of our client`s products at https://www.walkietalkiecentral.com then please do so and mention our name at https://www.ukwebgeekz.com

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Confused about which SEO consultant to hire?

If you are reading this you probably want some insight into how best to choose your seo consultant.

So what things should we consider, whats the most important and what should we avoid?

I will first list some of the things we should be thinking about and then go into a little more detail about some of those bullet points

Things to consider: Search engine optimisation is such a broad service that the average surfer will not be qualified enough to interpret an SEO agencies claims or do the research on them to qualify that agency for your project. To teach a none SEO specialist how to dissect a website would simply take to long and so this is just a simple guide on how you could help stop yourself getting burned by a team of spammers and help keep your website safe


Most Important:

  • The preferred strategy they use to improve a rank (they should tell you this when asked)
  • Does it break Google guidelines (details here)
  • Have they got proof of past success
  • Is content on your site the 1st step for them
  • Is content a step for them at all
  • If content is used is that their only strategy
  • Do they build any kind of links to your site
  • What type of links


  • Rank overnight claims
  • Guaranteed rankings
  • One fee to complete the job
  • Offers of mass links to your site
  • Guaranteed first page results
  • Automated link building


So with a a bunch of the most important factors to consider listed above I can start to now list and explain in more detail some of the points mentioned


The preferred strategy they use to improve a rank (they should tell you this when asked):

If they are unwilling to describe how they do what they claim it probably means it will break Googles guidelines in some way and so keep that from you to avoid scaring you off. This does not mean this is always the case however as they might simply have some knowledge they do not want to get to competitors but in general can often get alarm bells ringing. If the strategy is content based and does not involve any named links (described here) then they could be the people for you to consider.

Does it break Google guidelines (details here)

You should cross reference this list of guidelines against what they tell you because if any of those guidelines are broken on your website then you are in great danger of having a penalty applied to your website by Google and you can say goodbye to your traffic and will have to clean up the mess they have made to have that penalty removed by Google.

Is content on your site the 1st step for them

This should be the first step for any seo company good or bad because its what we call low hanging fruit, simple changes to text/layout/keywords and content can sometimes be all is needed to get ranked and then no risky work is needed. I say risky work because all offsite seo carries an element of risk because no matter which way you look at it all seo is borderline for Google guidelines but none the less all companies including the big beasts need to do it for traffic and they do so on a daily.

Is content a step for them at all

If it is not then they are simply building back links to your properties which is a very risky thing to do with regards to Google and you have to be very careful and planned to do this safely which you will know is not happening if they are charging you peanuts – it should be at least £250 a month for even the most basic safe seo any less and your asking for trouble as the things involved to do this are time consuming and require assets to be built.

Do they build any kind of links to your site

if they do then you need to look into what they do carefully and have them explain exactly whats going to be done, when, how often and from where because link building is the most risky aspect of SEO just have a read of what Googles Penguin algorithm can do to your site if caught (described here)

What type of links

I cannot go through the many types of links one can acquire on the net there is simply too many but they all have a trust and authority score used by seo tools as metrics to gauge a link or websites quality. You can use tools like Majestic SEO to check these metrics.



Rank overnight claims

Some things can be ranked over night but generally not a website and nothing that will help you a great deal. SEO is a long term project no matter what, on occasions a rank can be achieved and work can stop but at some point it will start to devalue and that will happen before its reflected in the search results and then you will have to play catch up so its generally always a long term constant service. This is why a claim to rank something overnight is false, very risky and most definitely will get a penalty even if it succeeds.

Guaranteed rankings

This is a double edged sword because an experienced seo can to some extent guarantee some sort of rank based on past experiences and knowledge but can certainly not guarantee it especially in a given timeframe or to a desired position like number 1 for example, even with an in depth report of your competitors one can only guesstimate the level of work needed to outrank someone else and for all they know they have a good seo working for them that knows how to hide certain things of benefit from peeping toms. In general nothing is guaranteed there are so many factors to consider and an existing competitors age alone can be hard to overcome and pushing to hard early on will catch the attention of Googles algorithms, panda, penguin, hummingbird and rankbrain.

Offers of mass links to your site

We can get you lots of back links to outrank your competitors they will say, this works time and time again. Yes in a way it does but not that way, a website with 2 powerful links from reputable trusted sources can outrank a website with 20,000 links from dodgy sources this is a fact. This will also most definitely get you a penalty and contacting 20,000 webmasters to have your link removed from there site will be a ridiculous task and you will not get in touch with 95% of them which will require all sorts of interaction and reconsideration requests with Google to resume business as normal. This often ends up with the client starting from scratch on a new domain. You should not be building any links to your site unless you are sure its good.

Automated link building

This is something done by seo tools used by virtual assistants for companies who outsource their seo work or even use the tools themselves. Googles algorithm is clever enough to know which computer posted a link, what time it was done, which server was used, which IP address was used, which other sites are on that server, where else that IP has appeared, where else have those links been posted and all of this easily accessible data creates an obvious footprint which makes your site stand out like a red balloon to Google. Risks can be minimised by using proxies to rotate IPs and servers, scheduling to avoid time frame issues and other complicated scripts but this will never be invisible to Google. Basically a cheap link service should only get you a few links because its not profitable to do more properly unless using automated spamming tools to find low quality orphaned websites to post on.


Ok so I hope your head is not to fried by all of this but this is about as simple as a helpful article can be with regards to finding a suitable seo but it does layout in understandable terms what is important and what is not.

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Has your phone stopped ringing? read this – SEO experts in Darlington

If your thinking of getting search engine optimisation done to your website/s after seeing where your website now naturally sits then this brief article may shed some light on the battlefield of SEO sales people you face and may help you to spot if they up to date and on point with their information.

Established in early 2016 UK Web Geekz was setup in Darlington, England with the aim of providing the next generation of search engine optimisation combined with a top notch web design service not only in our hometown of Darlington but the whole of the UK initially. With ties in Middlesbrough , Durham & Newcastle we would be interested to hear what you think about the following post and how it reflects on what other SEO companies have been offering to you.

Google is forever changing its algorithms and moving the goal posts to and throw with regards to ranking websites so we have come up with a way to build your online presence in a continuous safe way. It is this method that our whole business plan is based around and it utilizes all of the latest trends towards a spam free search that Google would like.
Imagine having your online marketing campaign automated and not be worried about a panda, penguin or rank brain.

For too long now SEO companies offer all types of back linking services that are just stereo typical of what`s been going on for years. Google knows this and although it cannot discount links in its ranking calculations it can filter out the spammy websites by the footprint that they leave. Every type of site has a footprint unique to its industry and this allows Google to mark certain sites as suspicious, they also use a range of other signals to judge if you are real like social interaction, phone verification, social data hub signals, click through rate and more.

We have methods that utilize the web how it is supposed to be used which has the side effect of social signals, traffic and brand authority along with the occasional link from multiple reputable authority domains. Hold on a minute is that not what Google is looking for in 2016?

Platform A does not say that you cannot advertise on Platform B and likewise Google does not say you can only advertise on PlatformX. So you are allowed to advertise on many platforms and get your brand out there, many companies miss this vital information and skip to building back-links to websites which is what Google clamps down on.

The good part is how 90% of this can be automated once the initial build is done meaning you can spread your content/brand/advertising to many places with just 1 button (we get to hit that button not you though unfortunately).


Let these following points be clear about what it is we do not do

We do not just post your bumf to something like buffer and get it posted to twitter, Facebook etc
We do not set machines building links to your sites automated or manual
We do not link to you from shady, spammy unhelpful websites or pages


Let these following points be clear about what it is we do

We can’t tell you all of this yet, imagine that, our local rivals will be stealing our game and being un original! Haha but seriously our whole plan is based around avoiding the strategies of the last 5 years, claiming your footprint on the web instead of trying to hide it like most SEO companies do if they are smart enough to hide it. We are basically saying to Google hey come and look at our site we are connected everywhere and we are legit. You can see what were doing for you anytime you ask were transparent with our clients.
A lot of people are probably going to want to know what and how we achieve what we say but they will just have to try and see – it works PERIOD.

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How to submit any URL to the Google index

The average user will probably not require this but if you do manage your own online presence then this will maybe help.

Often for SEO we build links to our websites and properties as part of increasing your traffic, some of these links will be on new domains or pages and these can often take time to get indexed sometimes due to the shear scale of the domain or simply that it is not a particularly active website/page.

For this purpose Google have Search Console Crawl URL Feature that enables a user that is logged into Google to be able to submit any link to the index of your own or other. This is no guarantee that the URL will get indexed so you cannot force the index of a malicious URL for example but most URLs will get indexed in just a few minutes.

You can test to see if a page is indexed using the following text example in the Google browser


The url will show as a search result on its own as in this example picture


If however it is not shown then this is when you would submit the url to be indexed if you wanted it to be indexed faster than default.

Remember some links never get indexed which is why it is a good idea to force the index as much as possible because a page that is not indexed has no value to pass to your properties.

It is really simple to use:





If you have any questions leave a comment, likewise if you have any more ideas of what to write about next leave a comment 🙂


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Web design trends for 2016

Websites are an essential part of creating business brand awareness these days. The user experience they provide can turn visitors into customers and make them identify with the company’s identity in seconds.

Web design trends move rapidly and 2016 isn’t an exception. If you wonder how to improve your website design going hand-by-hand with the challenging and agile digital world this year, let us present you some, which in our opinion, will mark the future.

Stories are not for children, only. Not anymore. Everyone loves a good story and even more, a digital one. Many companies integrated this concept into their websites, already.

We’d like to introduce you the story about The Boat.

The page is constructed in black and white, with a parallax effect telling a narrative through a strip, which will take you deep within the words and leave you impressed for a time to come. You just can’t stop thinking about it, talking about it, express your fullest impressions about it. It’s seducing.

Another website, which will leave you breathless. Just take a quick look at Peugeot Hybrid 4. It can’t be quick, we know. You just can’t get enough of it, right? Their Graphic story just leads you forward and ahead with the simplicity of a scroll. You get the visual and the cognitive satisfaction in a package.

Peugeot Hybrid’s website moved the boundaries of ordinary. Many of the concepts developed in this article already apply to it. Internet blasted over this perfect user experience it provides.

As a part of every storytelling, there is the animation segment. We all adore it. Disney is the perfect prove of it. Their evolution from monotonic cartoons to dynamic animated movies and our reaction to it, tells us a lot about the sleeping child in each one of us.

It’s spring. And we’re animal lovers. Our next choice is a website that will brighten your day with a cute, wild kitten that will fleet inside your monitor to lead you into another stunning website experience. Check out Babel The King.

Hand-drawing and handwriting
Another section of storytelling. We decided to talk about the way stories are told. The progression of content brings us back to hand-drawing and handwriting. Take the ancient predecessor out of you! Mint can lead you through that journey. The subtleties of yellowed paper, old letters, feathers and hand-created writing is what makes this website lead you, sorry, bring you back, from Modern to Stone Age.

Divided screen
You can’t differentiate a story just through visuals, content and the manner of telling it. You can also diverse it through the way all those aspects are ordered in the screen. A divided screen is one more thing that crosses future web design. Since yesterday was the start of the week, we are one day late from saying Hello Monday.

Long Scroll & Swipe
Moving on to the next one. We got to ask the question: is the following long scroll trend keeping the scroll and swipe moment for some time? Or, how long is it going to take to evaluate into a simple human gesture? You noticed this element in the previous ones, but here are some more examples of how to scroll your way into the website, from left to right, or just scroll. Or maybe all three of them combined.

Another trend we’d like to mention here is the speed of the website. We all are busy. We all want to spare some time. But, will the digital future look the same? As you already noticed in Trippeo, the modern concept of fast and slow has significantly changed. Just take a quick look at Karlovy Vary. We know it can’t be fast, but you got to admit something – it’s quite worth the time.

Hidden menus
Have you played hide and seek as a little child? Let’s play a digital version of it. Ever wondered where the menu form went? It transformed into a hamburger button. We know it sounds a little silly, but the hidden menu is here. You better apply it, as Silenza and Maecia successfully did.

Can’t trust what you can’t see, right? That’s why videos will rule the digital world in the time that comes. Nike already followed this trend by engaging visitors to wake up the website’s character. And if you are searching for a website trip on Titanic , then enjoy the stunning experience. We guarantee you, it’s not about sinking, but quite the opposite.

HD images
Additionally to the video movement, comes the HD image implemented to fulfill the visual user experience. Are you up for a travel adventure? We are sure you will be excited to take this trip Or just read Alex’s story to complete the journey.

Dynamics are on their way. As much as we love videos, we will like web parts to flow around our monitor, so we can follow them with our eyes, like Imaginamos do.

CSS shapes
Another futuristic fragment will be the CSS shapes . Don’t have an idea what that is? Just imagine a text modeled around a shape you like. Let’s take the sun for an example. Crazy, right?

Material and Flat design
While talking about the sun, let’s rise it! Ever heard of material design? This is it. Simplicity and sophistication. No three-dimensional effects. Just an interplay of icons, typography and color.

Shadows and depth
We mentioned shadows and depth earlier. That’s something a flat design certainly isn’t! But here’s the perfect example of depth and it’s fascinating! Nature is awake. Let’s go to the zoo!

Responsive design
But, back to simplicity. Responsive design is how users want to interact with you. Easy reading, easy navigation, easy call to action. A must-have for e-commerce! We chose this online store to respond to that wind.

While talking about a call to action, see how General Motors chose to engage customers as a way to be responsive to their customers.

Micro interactions
And as a finalization of this future-journey, we can’t finish but mention the micro interactions. Ever heard of a switch to make your electric energy go on-off? Of course you did. It’s on your wall. Micro interaction are those “small” details in the future digital world. They will combine call to action, process and give feedback through a simple buttons clicking. Switch it on, please!

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here is a great video which shows some of the trends mentioned above from  2016